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Puri is one of the four holy dhams in Hinduism, best known for exotic beaches and temple of Lord Jagannath, It is situated in Odisha adjacent to the eastern coast of Bay of bengal.
Find peace and tranquility on the fine sandy shores of Puri beach and the song of the Bay of Bengal as the waves come rolling in under the refreshing tropical breeze.
Indulge in the local cuisine of Odisha whether it be Maacha Jhola (Fish served in rich spicy gravy) and Chungdi Malai (succulent prawn cooked in creamy coconut milk and spices) for the fish lover or the sinfully sweet podopitha and Chhena kheeri for sweet tooth, Puri can dish out to anyone’s heart.

Shopping, and cultural explorations are limitless with the area's varied places of worship, interesting neighbourhood shops. Be a treasure hunter at the Puri Beach Night market and lose yourself in the exquisite handicrafts of this region: Talapatachitras, wood carving, sola pitha work, Dig deep into our rich heritage as you choose a memorable memento for you dear and loved ones.